Steampunk Ticket Window

Pushing Limits

In everything photography I wrestle constantly with limits. My camera has limits, my software has limits, I have limits. From…how far do I want to push my comfort zone when taking a photo to how far do I push the image with software…limits. How much does a trip cost, how much time do I have off work, where will I sleep and what will I eat…limits. Perhaps it’s the confinement of these same limits that makes touching the edge of what we were previously capable so sweet. Without our previous perspective we would have nothing to gauge our progress.


This week, in post processing anyway, is about pushing my comfort level with software and challenging my aesthetic comfort. I have two very different images for this week, the first is of an MTA Ticket Window at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. I pushed and pushed and pushed till the photo looks like something out of a steampunk dream. I rather like the result, but I pushed this further than I would have ever thought to in the past.

Musée d’Orsay

Secret Cameras

I have shared my love of train stations in the past. This one is perhaps one of the oldest and coolest of the bunch I have photographed so far. It was built for the 1900 Exposition, over the years, the station because unsuitable for modern trains. It went through a number of lives, then in 1970 it was slated for demolition. WHAT!

Luckily for everyone a very smart person in the government ruled against demolition and it was decided the old train station would make a wonderful museum. I can’t image the wonderful architectural treasures we have lost…Orsay is a testament to what can happen to these treasures when they are given modern jobs.

Union Station Kansas City MO

Pop In for a Quick Photo

You never know where an interesting photo may present itself. We were in downtown KC for WordcampKC and during lunch decided to take a walk around. Who would think Union Station in Kansas City Missouri would have been so quiet. Really quiet. There were really only a handful of people and that let me capture a really empty hall with some interesting light.

Sticks (Tripod)

I was also surprised the guards didn’t seem to mind me using a mini tripod. I had left the Really Right Stuff sticks behind, but I had my new Manfrotto 709B DIGI (link to 209 legs with a different head). It’s TINY and fits nicely in your bag. Its pretty stable even for the 16-35mm lens and I can fold the legs up under the lens using the ballhead in a way most people wouldn’t notice you even had a tripod on your camera. Its like tripod stealth mode! While the ballhead is less than stellar, it is functional and this unit is a MUST for your camera bag.


This is a 3 bracket series (-2, 0, +2) processed in Photomatix, Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 4 (Tonal Contrast) and Sharpener Pro. The final touches were added in Adobe Lightroom 4.