The Choir Guardian of Saint Pierre Cathedral

Details, Details

I have a terrible time with details. One former boss of mine said I had a problem seeing the trees for the forest. Often a new place is SO overwhelming, this actually does become the case. I see the big shots, but I often miss opportunities for little details that are in fact amazing. I found some in detail in Paris, in a flower vendor’s bucket. While in Geneva, I found a detail I loved in a 15th century choir stall. The stall was not native from the church. It survived the reformation, but was brought to Saint Pierre Cathedral after the departure of John Calvin. It’s these wonderful details that make life all the more sweet. I try every day to spend more time with them…in wonder.

Old Geneva

Old Town

Vieille ville or Old Town was my favorite part of the city of Geneva. There is something soothing about walking around the ancient Medieval Cobblestone streets, looking in the windows of antique shops, and eating in a small bar or cafe. There was no rush in Geneva, no time schedule, no pressure. It was cold and rainy and my first full day was Sunday when many of the shops are closed so their proprietors can spend the day with family. There were only occasional patches of blue in the sky, but somehow, it felt good. The world was right…the way it has been for a thousand years in Old Town. There is an ease to Europe that intrigues me. Something different than in the U.S. that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s not better or worse, it simply exists differently. I long to explore it more, to understand.