Waikiki Sunset

Mahalo Sunset

One of my favorite things about Hawaii is watching the sunset over the water on a isolated beach. Now while you can’t really call Waikiki isolated, it is one fantastic spot to watch the sun sink below the ocean. And somehow when I walked down this little strip, I felt right with the world.

I should also mention that when I walked to the end I did so with a group of Buddhist monks visiting from Asia. I felt a bit awkward as I wasn’t quite sure the exact decorum. They seemed to not speak much English and they had a guide translating to English. I went all the way to the end to get some photos when a big wave came up and completely splashed me. I was done taking pictures as I walked by sopping wet, I said to the guide, “It’s much the same with life.”

The Best Sunset in Honolulu

Awesome Sunsets

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope everyone gets to get out and spend time in the sun one last time before the official end of summer. This photo was taken in Oahu at Puu Ualakaa State Park. There is a great overlook and not too many people. The trees were a bit tall for my liking, but you get a decent view regardless. I shot this as an HDR with multiple frames stitched together. I am afraid, because of its width, it displays smaller on the site. Click the photo below to get a slightly bigger version!

A Dreamy Maui Sunset

Warm Relaxation

Just look at it will you. Can you feel the warm, wet sand? Can you smell the sweat scent of sweat and sunscreen? Do you feel the tension leaving your body as you listen to the Hawaiian guitar playing in the distance? This week I am traveling back to Hawaii to visit my second Hawaiian Island (O‘ahu). This photo was taken on my first expedition to the islands when we visited Maui. I can’t imagine a reason anyone would not love this place. I see myself visiting often…I hope you will too!

A Warm Maui Sunset

Winter Cometh

It has been a very nice week weather wise in the Ozarks, but never fear, we have a saying in these parts. If you don’t like the weather wait five minutes. Its not uncommon to be 75 one day and then 35 then next. That big of a swing doesn’t usually happen, but it IS happening right now. Yesterday was in the mid 70’s and tonight it is supposed to get below freezing. Winter is coming (sigh). Anyway all of this got me thinking about Maui and how wonderful the weather there happens to be. I thought a nice warm sunset, Hawaii style would be just the thing for my winter blues.

Sunset in Maui


On the first day in Maui, we were treated to one of nature’s spectacular light shows. This is why I take pictures. Our first night was perhaps the best sunset of the week. From our vantage point in South Maui, you can see the western side of Maui to the right and the smaller island of Lana’i off in the distance to the left of the sunset. We happened to hit the beach our first day when the sun fell directly in between the two islands. Serendipity! Maui is a bit like Paris in that getting good photos is like shooting fish in a barrel. When beauty abounds how can you not succeed. I wonder if paradise becomes so commonplace for the general inhabitants of the islands that they don’t often stop and recognize how spectacular everything is around them…of course the same thing could be said of people in the Ozarks.


This is a 9 shot bracket (-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3) combined in Photomatix. Edited in lightroom for some initial corrections, Photoshop, the Nik Suite, then back to Lightroom for finishup. Total processing time was around 2 hours.

Downtown St Louis at Dusk

Pretty Light

I am a sucker for a good sunset (and a good sunrise really). We were by the St Louis Arch doing some photographing of the arch, when it turned all pink. I turned around when Pamela said…”Woah, look at that!” The sky over downtown St Louis had gone all…awesome! I and several other photographers setup shots quickly (you never know how long these things will last). I think I missed the peak color by a few minutes, but you wouldn’t know from the shot.


This is a three shot HDR (-2, 0, +2) combined in Photomatix. It was edited in Photoshop, Nik Color EFX Pro, Sharpener Pro and Lightroom 4.