A Light at the End of a Dark Tunnel


Sometimes on our journeys, we come across obstacles. A way that can only be walked by a single path. This path can at times be scary, dark and lonely. It can fill us with a sense of unease. The path can be broken, uneven, difficult to navigate in the darkness. We risk falling down. We risk making our lives worse. We risk hurting ourselves or the ones we love. But for those of us who are brave…the light is patiently waiting.

Bridge to the City

Lucky Man

Pamela asked what I wanted to do for my birthday…I said go to San Francisco (of course). Aside from being my favorite U.S. city, it’s perhaps one of most comfortable cities for me, almost like I am called there; pulled by some cosmic force. I am very lucky, because we made the pilgrimage to The City, Pamela and me. Lucky because we are able to make the trip, both physically and financially. Lucky because I have a wonderful spouse that understands my love of wandering and wants to share in it. Lucky because we have each other to go to, Pamela, me and The City by the Bay.

Fisherman’s Wharf of San Francisco

It occurred to me recently that I have a bunch of photos I never do anything with. I have been watching Trey Ratcliff’s HDR class from Stuck in Customs and in it he describes his constant 365 project as well as how he releases all of his photos via Creative Commons Licensing.

I use Creative Commons on a regular basis and while I might not be comfortable releasing my personal photos or art pieces, quite a number of my travel photos are ready to be used and can hopefully be helpful for someone.

Though this is a very touristy photo, I hope you enjoy my first foray into Creative Commons licensing. Enjoy!