Party Tent on the Beach in Bali

Posted on April 6th, 2015 by

Warm Quiet Nights

I like to go places in the off season. I generally find solitude the most relaxing of companions, especially when visiting nature. There is something about having around that breaks my moment of zen. There is more vibration, energy, something that prevents connection. I realize cosmically this shouldn’t matter, but I am one easily distracted by all manner of noise. The days on the beach in Bali were some of the most alone I have been on a resort beach (usually I find resorts intolerable). The nights were completely deserted.

Empty Party Tent

This tent was setup at sunset for one lucky couple to dine. It looked terribly romantic, but I didn’t want to disrupt anyone for a photo. Come evening this was lit blue beneath the Moroccan lamps, but nobody seemed to come for the dance party. The music droned for none but the sea. I am sure in the high season its a raucous time, but this night, the party was but me and my friend solitude.

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