The Magic of Cartier

Posted on January 31st, 2013 by

100 Photos

Today is a special day. Today I am posting my 100th photograph. It’s an interesting feeling really…it feels good. I have always had a bit of trouble with follow through. There always seems to be something newer vying for my attention. A new gadget, a new film, a new fleeting hobby, how do people stay focused! Maybe my ease is because I have never really enjoyed a hobby as much as I do photography. It is a sort of home, no matter where I am in the world. I love it enough to fly around the world to explore it more. It does of course help that I also love the travel, seeing new places, tasting new foods, finding different ways of living. But in the end, all of these seem to coalesce around my camera.


I have been saving this photo for a day like today. My first exploration of HDR photography was in Paris and this photo was one of the first that let me know I had really found something in photography I wanted to explore more. I hope you like it as much as I do and if you work for Cartier, call me, I think this would make a great ad spread!