Swiss Family Treehouse

Posted on August 5th, 2013 by

Disney Contrasts

I had a great time at Disney, but oddly one of the most exciting things for me (besides feeling a bit like a kid) was the contrasts at the Magic Kingdom. There were contrasts in families with some enveloped by exuberant excitement while others just seemed angry (“I am SICK of looking at you” I heard one mother yell at her toddler as she slammed down the stroller shade). There was the contrast in young and old, the contrast of groups and single people visiting the park like myself (though I think I was one of a few). I also loved seeing contrasts in the old and new rides. Some like its a small world seem ancient while Winnie the Pooh’s Adventure was really new and a bit trippy. These differences made the price of admission well worth it for me!

This is one of the older attractions at The Magic Kingdom, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. It was opened in 1971 not too old, not too new, but a good bit of stairway fun!