Union Station Washington D.C.

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I love trains. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of my Uncle Patrick. When I was a boy, my uncle had the most wonderful model railroading sets in the upstairs of my Grandparents home. They were always in a constant state of construction and I am not sure I ever saw one of these designs ever finished. To my 9 year old eyes, however, they were the most amazing creations in the world. As I grew up, I half created my own versions of these same mechanical marvels. I too never quite finished the complete design, but from youth I still carry the love of all things locomotive.

A New Life

What happens to these grand old buildings is a current fascination wrought from the same love of that 9 year old boy. It seems after the trains stop running and the buildings have served their original purpose, only one of a handful of lives are left for these depots. In Kansas City and Paris, both Union Station and d’Orsay respectively, have become Museums (the latter being one of the most celebrated in the world). In Washington D.C. a different fate has come to its Union Station, though you can still see its soul through all the shine. She IS still.