Gondolas in Venice


This photo is deceiving in the way that I took it. It looks as though perhaps the front of two gondola’s, but I realized this is the stern of the boat and referred to as the risso. There are a number of designs which have symbolic meaning, the curve alluding to the curve of the canals of Venice. It seems like everywhere you look in the city you see gondolas, but there are only around 400-500 remaining in the city.

Venice Building


I am still trying to wrap my head around Venice, Italy. At once it was what I expected, but nothing really like that at all. Venice is amazing and sad, beautiful and crumbling, exciting and exhausting…it’s a city of contrasts and I LOVE it for that. The winding canals, the back tracking, the narrow alleyways seemed natural to me; I was rarely ever lost, or perhaps I was truly lost. If this post seems to meander with no purpose and perhaps to dead end all at once, I suggest visiting Venice, and perhaps it will then seem but perfect.

Random Buildings

I couldn’t stop taking photos of things in Venice that were likely very mundane. Today’s photo is of a random building somewhere in Venice around the San Polo area (my best guess). I was struck by the iridescent green of the canal (yes it was that color right then).