Lit Candles in Notre Dame Cathedrale Paris

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by

The Language of Beautiful Music is Universal

I am not Catholic…I grew up Methodist but I cant help but be fascinated at the wonderful cathedral’s all over Europe. The of the grandest is of course Notre Dame in Paris, France. There is always a wealth of activity in these ancient churches and I never quite know exactly what is happening in all the nooks and crannies. While visiting this last week, I attended the Vêpres du Carême, there was some wonderful singing, but I didn’t quite know what was happening as mon français n’est pas très bon (my French is not very good)! It was interesting to me though how much I got out of the service considering I dindt understand much of the actual words…music for me tends to be universal.

Lighting a Candle

The simple notion of lighting a candle for someone seems to take on added meaning in some places. Depending on the location there seems to be different candles of different sizes. These lit candles in the Cathedral of Notre Dame seemed to be the largest and most expensive to light. Can some of my Catholic friends enlighten me as to the ins and outs of lighting a candle in church? Does it have different meaning depending on the alter or area of the cathedral?

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