The Barcelona Crowd

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 by

Street Photography

I like all kinds of photography, but one style I have a hard time with is street photography. It’s not that I don’t love the style, but there is a patience needed that I seem to lack. Also when you get right down to it, I hate confrontation. Most people even when they do care won’t chase you down, but even still I generally travel with a wide angle lens and you really have to get up on people.

Strange Group

I love contrasts. This photo was taken in the courtyard around La Cathedral in Barcelona Spain. The place is brimming with people and absolutely gorgeous. The man on the left is absorbed in his book, journaling his experience, but all the while missing everything going on in the world around him. The young woman suns her very pale skin. While worshiping the sun she misses the beauty all around her. The old man on the right seems aloof, but content to watch people, he is turned away from the church. The woman is my favorite. She was very happy to sit and smoke, until she noticed I was taking her picture. I caught her in a moment of surprise. Somehow she seemed the most genuine…perhaps even the most honest to me.