Lanai Lookout Oahu

Posted on October 28th, 2013 by

Pulling off the Highway

I kept thinking…don’t make me stop this car…while driving around Ohau. The problem isn’t screaming kids in the back, but rather gorgeous views that are ALL over the island. Driving around the coast (or anywhere really) there always seems to be a new terrain, some new rock formation, a different type of beach to take in. It takes me FOREVER to get anywhere, but them again, on island time I don’t much care!


This particular location is called Lanai Lookout. If you hop over the fence (normal in Hawaii for me) you are presented with a really wonderful rock formation where you can see the ocean eating away a layers of ancient, now cooled but once molten rock. Someone had spent a good deal of time in this spot and took the time to carve some sort of sun sigil in the stone formation.