Pali Lookout Sunrise


I have a hard time getting up before dawn, but it almost never fails that I wake up when I should. I have this strange built in alarm clock that rarely lets me sleep in these days. I always expect jet lag to throw it off, but somehow, I always wake up about the right time. One of the great things about Hawaii is that you can stay up really late and you end up waking up REALLY early. Since I am up I usually can talk myself into a sunrise or two…after all, photography is why I travel. This was one of the many wonderful weather days I had while on Oahu and sunrise was a sight to see!

Banyan Tree Oahu

Peaceful Trees

Last week I flew to Oahu, Hawaii. One of the first things I noticed was this Banyan Tree on Waikiki Beach. Banyan trees in the states, especially in very public areas are often ravaged characters. They take abuse from the transient tourist population who tend to underestimate their significant to Asian Religion. The Buddha gained enlightenment under the shelter of one of these trees. In Hinduism Krishna is said to rest in the leaves. There is a grounded aura to these strange trees and as with all trees there is great wisdom within…patience.