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Buick Super Eight Tusayan, Arizona

Road Weary Buick Super Eight

We pulled up to the National Geographic Visitors Center in Tusayan, Arizona and there was this beautiful car. It sat all alone in the lot and I parked right next to her. Our new Ford Focus rental seemed insubstantial next to this solid metal behemoth, it was from another time, but one look and you saw this car was on the trip, perhaps of its life. How many miles had she seen? How many roads had she traveled? How many gallons of gas had she consumed? Soon she would be at the Grand Canyon all but a baby by comparison.

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5th Street Art, Phoenix, Arizona

5th Street Art

I love street art and sometimes walking I abruptly stop to take in what is a wonderful work of art. Graffiti to many, but I will say it again…some of the greatest artists work under the cover of night. This mural by ElMac + Kofie is one of those (though I am sure the piece was invited). I know this face! I am still not sure why? She looks familiar…an actress perhaps? Her color and texture is of The Mona Lisa. Her halo/aura blue and surprising. The texture was my favorite…so intricate and wonderful…it was aided by the age! She is reclined and looking at something unseen, perhaps the heavens. What wonderful things are all around for us to see!

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Biter Melon in the Little India Street Market, Singapore

Unknown Fruit

The market was packed tight, pressing out from the store-fronts. Further and further they creeped into the sidewalks as the vendors forced you to walk through their stalls. The space was barely wide enough for two people to pass without turning. In reality most of the time in Singapore’s Little India, you had to turn when passing another shopper. I often just veered into the street for a few steps, then back to the maze. Men sitting at sewing machines tailored shirts, hawkers yammered loudly into Britney Spears mics the newest “sale” of the minute over unseen PA systems. Everywhere…everywhere goods for sale. The crowd was thick, it moved at 1000 speeds and stopped with no pattern. It was vibrant, exciting, chaotic, maddening.

In it, was the fruit market and some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen or smelled. I had no idea what this fruit was, it was green and alien to me. I had to look it up, but when I showed the photo to Pamela she said…oh Bitter Melon. Perhaps I need to go to The Farmers Market of the Ozarks more with her! It would surely have more space for movement and exploration and perhaps I would learn more names for my unknown fruits.

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/4
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 18 January, 2015
  • Focal length: 35mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Location: 1° 18.4265′ 0″ N 103° 51.0142′ 0″ E
  • Shutter speed: 1/200s
  • Title: Biter Melon in the Little India Street Market, Singapore

Party Tent on the Beach in Bali

Warm Quiet Nights

I like to go places in the off season. I generally find solitude the most relaxing of companions, especially when visiting nature. There is something about having around that breaks my moment of zen. There is more vibration, energy, something that prevents connection. I realize cosmically this shouldn’t matter, but I am one easily distracted by all manner of noise. The days on the beach in Bali were some of the most alone I have been on a resort beach (usually I find resorts intolerable). The nights were completely deserted.

Empty Party Tent

This tent was setup at sunset for one lucky couple to dine. It looked terribly romantic, but I didn’t want to disrupt anyone for a photo. Come evening this was lit blue beneath the Moroccan lamps, but nobody seemed to come for the dance party. The music droned for none but the sea. I am sure in the high season its a raucous time, but this night, the party was but me and my friend solitude.

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Carrots in Little India Street Market in Singapore

Packed Carrots

Along Buffalo Road in Singapore’s Little India, the streets are packed with people, vendors and shoppers much as these fruits and vegetables. These carrots were shaded, and I blocked the sidewalk to snap a quick photo. I loved their symmetry, but the man I blocked didn’t seem to care too much for my pausing, nor did the vendor who chased me off. Photos don’t pay his bills and I was blocking the view of his carrots from shoppers who might want to take some home for the evenings soup.

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Beautiful Sunrise Kauai, Hawaii

Beautiful Sunrises

When I go places I end up being torn between sunrise and breakfast. Some of the most beautiful light is at sunrise and sunset. The secret is the hoards come for sunset, but sunrise is almost mine alone. The problem is that I get free breakfast at my hotel, but its time period conflicts with my capture of sunrise. Too often I get out early, but get caught up in photographing sunrise to make it back in time for breakfast! I always attempt to find balance in my trips, sometime the beauty of a place can easily makes me forget to eat, and too often I am so lost in the beauty, I don’t mind.

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Indian Bridal Flower Garland in Singapore

Indian Wedding Flowers

In all honestly I had no idea what these garlands were for when I walked past the vendor stall on Buffalo Road in Singapore’s Little India. I did, however, know they were ABSOLUTELY stunning. The smell was perhaps the sweetest part. That many flowers in such a small area was practically overwhelming. The other think I will always remember about this was the bees! The smell not only appealed to me, but also to our little pollinating flying friends. All over the flowers (you can see a few on the white blooms) were hundreds of bees! I didnt want to hang around too long, but I grabbed this photo of these bridal flower garlands before I got stung!

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The Sydney Opera House from the Park Hyatt

Down Under

I just returned from the most wonderful trip to Sydney, Australia! I also just celebrated my 40th birthday so I wanted to go someplace special that I had been putting off. I fly quite a bit, so I also had a wonderful surplus of Airline Miles to book a 1st class award ticket so logically Australia fit the bill! I had the wonderful fortune to get to stay right across form the Sydney Opera House at the Park Hyatt Sydney! The team at Hyatt is generally fantastic, but everyone at the Park Hyatt Sydney went out of their way to make my stay special.

Good Lines

I think I took 2000 photos of the Opera House alone. It’s not too often that a piece of architecture is SO spectacular you can just keep taking photos of the same thing and keep getting something different! Did you know the entire surface of of the exterior is actually cream and white tiles? I didn’t until I stated researching the trip. Don’t worry, there are plenty of detail shots in all those photos I took!

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Sepia Night on a Pier at St Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy

Night in Venice

Venice is a city of many sides, but the setting of the sun turns the city of Venice into another other-worldly place. It is almost a magical transformation. Sunset seems to linger, bidding those that do not wish to see the cities darker side, go home…return to your hotel. Once the night takes hold, it becomes deathly quiet. The narrow walkways and close buildings bring a sense of extreme claustrophobia. Every path is a darkened alley holding the unknown. By day you are surrounded by visages of death…masks of the plague. These are gone by night, but their specter haunts you … as do the dead from that time still buried beneath the cobblestone streets. I didn’t stay long in the evening, but what I did see, told me it would make the best of photo projects.

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/4
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 25 January, 2014
  • Focal length: 16mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Location: 45° 26.0117′ 0″ N 12° 20.4957′ 0″ E
  • Shutter speed: 6s
  • Title: Sepia Night on a Pier at St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy

Washington Water Power

Random Travels

My travel locations tend to be to places most everyone has heard of…Tokyo, Paris, London, Shanghai. These are my personal travels, but I also occasionally travel for my desk job. These places tend to be smaller locations that fewer people have heard or, Berne, Friendship, Palmerton, Spokane (ok…most everyone has heard of Spokane, WA). I also take my camera on these trips because you never know what you are going to find. While we were visiting downtown Spokane, we found this huge hydroelectric power plant! It was cold and a bit of a walk to get to where I took this photo, but it was well worth the frozen fingers.

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