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Rows of Golden Buddhas

Further Feelings

I said the other day I wanted to bring photos to the blog that evoke the feeling of a place, rather than its plain reality. Wat Pho temple is another world…Thailand itself is another world. The heat and humidity are unlike other hot places I have visited. The weather adds a weight that I found extremely difficult to bear. Everything seems a bit more difficult moving in the powerful sun when its 90% humidity and over 90 degrees! Today’s photo is part of a hall of a large courtyard surrounded by these golden Buddha statues. It is quite interesting standing in the heat, complaining, while the enlightened ones sit calmly, cool as can be.

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Chinese Lanterns in Singapore

Little China

Everywhere I go there seems to be a Chinatown. I don’t know why I find this odd, but it always seems peculiar to me. This was generally (as everything is in Singapore) a very nice area, if not terribly touristy part of town. I hit very close to Chinese New Year and since there is a large Chinese population IN Singapore, there was color out in full force. These lanterns were one of the first things that caught my eye exiting the subway.

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Covered Bridge Vermont 1875, Kokomo, Indiana

Interesting Sights

When I visit small towns for work, I generally check the internet and ask the locals about the “interesting” parts of their towns. Many places have something they can call their own…like Gaffney, South Carolina’s Peachoid (I SO want to visit this)!

When visiting a few small towns in Indiana, I was directed to a Kokomo’s Highland Park to the Vermont covered bridge. I wasn’t able to go until after dark (during work trips you have to work), but it lent an almost Sleepy Hollow feel to the whole scene!

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Buddha of Chains

How Does it Feel

I walked into the Buddha Tooth Relic Shrine to find a sea of Buddha’s covering the walls. To say thousands of statues might be underestimating. Within all of the chaos, the chants, bells, people and prayers, this single Buddha stood out to me, a beacon. It was small, perhaps 8-12 inches, but nothing in the huge hall shone brighter. Perhaps a divine message.

My goal here is to bring you photos that evoke how a place felt. I try and recall back my mood and experience, the sights and smells, the passion, the pain. Most of the time I feel I fail utterly, this time…this time I pray you feel this statues power too.

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Ferrari on the Streets of Austin, TX

Random Super Cars

Today is for fun! I was walking with Pamela down the street in Austin, TX during one SXSWi when I came across this random Ferrari on the Streets of Austin! I don’t know who can afford such things, but one day I hope to drive a few of these super cars and hopefully in the process learn how to properly drive them!

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Rose Window of Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France

The Unseen Beauty of Form

More frequently these days I find myself finding a deeper and deeper appreciating for black and white photography. Below is the Rose Window of Sainte-Chapelle, a small Cathedral, but one of the most grand I have ever seen. Grand not in its scale, but in the overwhelming way the artisans surround you with light (they might have said the light or the word of God perhaps). The colors are invigorating, but it wasn’t until I stripped away that layer of beauty, did I see its heart. The form of the window is a masterpiece all by itself. Removed of the distraction of color, you begin to see this other beauty, not less or more, but a beauty all its own.

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A Window of The Artist’s Cottage at Jardin Majorelle

Art Deco Cottage

Today’s photo is of the art deco Artist’s Cottage at Jardin Majorelle in Marakesh Morocco. The blue is so famous, they named it Majorelle Blue (indigo, basically). The studio has been converted to a museum focusing on Yves Saint Laurant’s collection of Berber costumes and jewelry. It is a WONDERFUL collection, but I was hoping to see the art deco interior of the cottage as it would have appeared when Jacques Majorelle would have used it. Perhaps it was originally boring inside (though I cant imagine that given the exterior), or perhaps they didn’t want competition for the Berber exhibit.

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Tokyo Sunrise

Big, Big City

The sunrise endlessly is interesting to me, it’s just SO incredibly difficult for me to get up for. There are two problems. First, I am not a morning person, though this is frequently aided by jet-lag. Hawaii is a great example…I am usually awake by 3 or 4 am easy. The second problem is breakfast. If you want to eat at the hotel (one of my economizing tips) you have a problem. Generally there is not a pre-dawn buffet and if you get out, it’s often difficult to make it back in time to partake of the (in my case) free food! Sure this gives you a great opportunity to sample cafe’s, but I tend to like to save that for an economical lunch (free breakfast, econimical lunch, then a dinner wow). This sunrise was captured from the hotel breakfast! Since I was on a really high floor, it was the perfect compromise!

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Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney Australia

Unexpected Gardens

The last thing I thought I would find in the heart of Sydney, Australia was a Chinese Garden! Sure enough there it was. Given the close proximity to China, I guess I shouldn’t be suprised to find a thriving Chinese community in Sydney, but often the things I think I am going to find turn out to be completely wrong! The Chinese Garden of Friendship was not as fantastic as Yuyun Gardens in Shanghai, but it is a wonderful calm place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city!

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Early Spring Flower at the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Japan

Gardens of the Imperial Palace

I had not visited the grounds of the Imperial Palace on my previous trips to Tokyo. The Palace is not a site you can just visit. There are a limited number of tickets and you have to plan in advance which is not exactly my strong suit. I tend to like to go with the flow on trips and when you have an appointment for a site at 10am, you HAVE to be somewhere despite what wonders you find along the way. The East Garden is completely open to the public, but given that I couldn’t see the palace, I never bothered. After my visit, I am sorry this was only my first visit to the gardens. The site is a huge green-space and though I was too early for the cherry blossoms, other flowers were blooming. This flower was perhaps a bee’s paradise!

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